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chasing an ironman

Triathletes are simply a different breed, driven by pushing their body to the limits, constantly aiming to beat their last record in the water, on the bike, or running. Mat Paz, co-owner of HB HITS High Intensity Training Studio gives us some perspective on his Ironman mindset. In this short, he explains how he’s racing against himself and having three disciplines keeps him from getting bored competing. He loves triathlons so much because you’re not just swimming, you’re not just biking, you’re not just cycling. And he loves all of them the same. Mat says the sport has really made an impact on his life and he continues chasing the ironman journey.
HB HITS is run by the best personal trainers, triathletes, and more. Yo Armendariz, co-owner of HB HITS is also an Ironman and they welcome you to come train with the best! Check out their website and class schedule at

Canon 5DIII
Canon 24 1.4, 50 1.2, 135 2.0, 24-70ii 2.8, 70-200 2.8
Ikelite Underwater Casing used with 5DIII + 24 1.4 (

Filming and editing done by Shannon Avery, Hoo Films (

ICELAND: nature’s playground

ICELAND: nature’s playground from Hoo Films | Shannon Avery on Vimeo.

Its clear the minute upon arriving in Iceland that this is a unique place. The very first drive along the Highway 1 to Reykjavik looked like a cross between driving in the desert, the countryside, and something similar to what you might picture Mars looking like. The land is so vast, everything is so far apart, its easy to forget how large (or how small) this island really is. From the countryside, to the lava rocks, to geysers, to snow covered mountains, and the beautiful waterfalls, this land is like no other. It is by far the prettiest country I have visited so far. I now want to view the land of fire and ice in the summertime where the land and colors are more vibrant. It would also be really neat to experience the Midnight Sun. However, the best part about visiting in the winter: experiencing the Northern Lights. Seeing the Auroras was a bucket list item for me and I’m so lucky we got to experience them! As I looked into the sky and realized I was actually watching solar events from outer space, I couldn’t help but be reminded how tiny we really are in this world. Enjoy this piece from a week long adventure in nature’s playground — Iceland.

Emotimo (
Canon 5DIII
Zeiss 21mm 2.8
Nikon 12-24mm 2.8
Canon 24-70ii 2.8
Rokinon 14mm 2.8
Music: Rembihnútur by Sigur Ros (

bits of London (time-lapse)

bits of London: a time-lapse from one (partly) sunny day from Hoo Films | Shannon Avery on Vimeo.

Outside the Marina (time-lapse)

Outside the Marina (Time-lapse) from Hoo Films | Shannon Avery on Vimeo.

Chino Hills Football Program 2013

Chino Hill Football Program Cover

HB HITS | High Intensity Training Studio

MTSAC Softball 2013

CIF Playoffs: Chino Hills Football vs Redlands Football

The Huskies have entered playoff season!  After a hard working season, with an overall record of 7-2-1 and a league record of 4-1-0, the Chino Hills Football program will host the first round of CIF Playoffs on their home turf.  Redlands Football will take them on only one team will survive to the next round.  Here is their program cover for tonight.  Go Huskies!

Bippidy Boppidy Boo: Sydney Sue’s 3rd Birthday

Although the kids weren’t up til the clock struck midnight, they did enjoy themselves at Sydney Sue’s 3rd Birthday party, a Cinderella theme, complete with Cinderella herself.  From the delicious baked goods, to the catered crepes, this party was one of the best I’ve seen.  There was even a make-up, hair, and nails station for the kids.  There was a photo booth, a pumpkin carving station, and even some flash dances with Cinderella.  The kids’ table was complete with custom-filled lunches of burgers and fries.  Sydney, above all else, was in love with her new friends, Cinderella.  She followed her around and gazed at her all day.  It was one of those moments where a parent could enjoy their kids being in awe of someone.  Check out the details in the pics below.

Coordinator: LVL Events
Decor: Inviting Occasion
Desserts:  Sweet and Saucy 
Photography: Avery J Productions

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